In the Healthcare industry, we have created:

  1. Android apps
  2. Embedded programming
  3. HIPAA compliant portals in .Net and PHP
  4. Interactive voice response app
  5. iPhone and iPad apps
  6. Text messaging and group messaging apps
  7. Windows Mobile Apps

We helped to invent and patent the “Smart Pill Box” to improve patient compliance Services. We developed home healthcare technology services to help hospitals reduce readmissions.

Our education services include:

  1. E-Learning portals using WordPress and Joomla
  2. Student/Teacher Rewards System using native PHP, iOS and Android
  3. Student Response System on Android Phones

For Entertainment we have created

  1. Viewer messaging for a Reality TV Show.

Medication Organizer Apps in a variety of languages

1.     Arabic 2.      Chinese 3.      English 4.      French
5.      German 6.      Hindi 7.      Spanish 8.      Marathi

Some of our iOS apps are on Apple App Store and the Android Apps are on Google Play Store.  Some of them are Virtual Nurse, KnowYourMeds, Virtual Pill Box, Safety of Wheels, and Diabetes Guide.

Our apps have been downloaded in several countries worldwide.